About me

I believes that the most important relationship we develop is the relationship with our inner self.

Many people are frequently caught up in repetitive patterns that may hinder their work or love/personal relationships due to past traumas and disconnection from oneself that inhibit them from being able to live a more fulfilling life.

This process of getting in touch with often unknown aspects of oneself enables one to lead a fuller life. Lack of such a connection with our psychological center or emotional home, in varying degrees leads to psychological homelessness, emptiness in one’s work, personal relationships, and a feeling of meaninglessness of human existence

My approach is highly personalized and individualized to my clients’ unique needs. I encourage them to say whatever comes to mind as I focus on their communication in an effort to understand the deeper underlying causes of their psychological problems.

My concentration is on helping my clients through the self reflective process to experience symptom relief, acquire better self understanding, and experience changes in their lives so they can move forward in the ways that would give them greater satisfaction, creative fulfillment of their capacities, and the ability to advance in the world.

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Dr. Conroy studied advanced law, philosophy, and psychology before becoming a psychoanalyst. She received a doctoral degree from Union Institute. Her doctoral study specialized in psychoanalysis, migration, culture and identity. She is also a graduate and faculty member, supervisor at Object Relations Institute for Psychoanalysis.

She has been teaching courses in psychopathology, personality development, object relations theory techniques and practice at Object Relations Institute for Psychoanalysis. She has conducted workshops where she introduced the notion of “Finding the Psychic Home Within” and presented clinical cases and poetry illustrating the journey from often emotional exile to finding a degree of the psychic home within, and a sense of belonging.

She participated in different panel discussions and presented her psychoanalytic work at a national American Psychoanalytic Association meeting as well as at the NPAP Psychoanalytic Institute. She gives talks to graduate level programs at universities, psychoanalytic institutes, and other cultural and international organizations on the topic of immigration, cross-cultural studies and personality disorders.

Her special interest in “migration phenomenon and culture” comes from her own experiences of different cultures. She has considerable familiarity with European and Asian cultures. Due to her own migration experiences she has a particular emotional awareness of the different cultural selves of migrant clients functioning in foreign cultures and “migration trauma”. In her books she explores the magnitude of the human migration phenomenon in our globalized world, and its consequences that affect all humanity.